Now that you lonen successfully to the Berserkers and obtained the rank of Guerrero, the next is the Range of Paladin. Now, if you have been playing on both sides of the Claw Vs playground. Berserker, this is the mission in which you must make a final decision. In the Mission on the Road to Becoming A Paladin, you will have to make a final decision: Claws or Berserkers ?

A note: You will need to have level 30 for any of the two options.

HELP RAT (Choose the Berserkers) / Mission of a last demonstration of loyalty

If you want to continue with the Berserkers, go to the crater and use your propeller backpack to get on the balcony to the left of the entrance to the Héctor building. Go inside and to the left, and open the safest safe to obtain the “Hector’s claw book” for RAT.

Take it to RAT and give it. You will earn a lot of experience and you can keep all the elexit that RAT gave you before. If you have level 30, now you can become a paladin!

Choosing this option Ends the ability to work with the claws and cancel the mission «The Way of the Outlaw» for the claws.

Choose the claws (outlaws) / the way of the outlaw

If you want to continue advancing with yasma and the claw band of it, you should steal the rotation book of barrack guards (first floor) outside the Rat tower. It is a simple safe and the Code of Guard Safe is 9813.

He returns with Yasma and she will send you with Hector. Give him the book and he will tell you that you can join The Outlaws (you must have level 30), but now it will be harder to ascend in the rows of Berserker. Actually, returning to RAT, in any case, he will inform you that the promotions were canceled, ending the mission “on the way to become a paladin.”

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