The sad situation that is being lived between the War of Russia and Ukraine is having consequences in several areas of society and, in some way, also affects the world of video games. In a very superficial way, obviously. But it does not stop being news. Now, FIFA 22 has taken a drastic decision, following the estates of FIFA and UEFA itself.

After the elimination of Russia in international competitions such as Qatar’s next World Cup, now the EA Sports game has announced the elimination, both from the Russian selection and all the Russian Championship Clubs . Both in FIFA 22, and in FIFA Mobile and in all online content.

“In tune with our FIFA and UEFA colleagues, EA Sports initiated the process of eliminating the Russian national team and all Russian clubs from all FIFA products from EA Sports, including FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online. We are also Actively evaluating other changes related to other areas of our games. We will inform the community of shares taken, “they say in the statement.

An action that, as indicated, is carried out in solidarity by the Ukrainian people, and a call to peace and at the end of the invasion of Ukraine . Apparently, Russian players that are available in other European teams will not be affected.

When You Find Out All The National Teams Removed for FIFA 22 Career Mode

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