Do you remember the Nintendo 64dd, or Nintendo 64 Disc Drive? Well, most likely not, because this additional periphery for Nintendo’s 64-bit console is mercilessly flopped at the end of the 1990s and appropriately forgotten. And even if you hear about it, it is very unlikely that you ever had a 64dd in your hands.

THE LOST URA ZELDA 64 - An Additional Ocarina of Time !? - Nintendo 64 History Documentary
After the miesen sales in Japan, Nintendo namely, Nintendo decided to bring it into the sale in Europe, the US and the rest of the world. The hardware was a really big thing for the Mario Group, which would have approved much more complex gaming experiences by rewritable disc format, more storage space and other significant extensions of the N64 technique – if it has ever used useful titles away from a handful of titles. would.

They Want the DD

So big was the meaning of the 64dd for Nintendo that one of the flagship games for the N64 once developed exclusively for the periphery: Zelda: Ocarina of Time, while the development was short of Zelda 64, the Features of the 64DD would have fully charged, with changeable dungeons, a world that tells your decisions (so that about broken-down signs remained in this state) and all sorts of other kinker slips.

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However, it came differently. The plans proved to be too complex for the then very rudimentary technology, also with a 64dd essay. Above all, however, the development of the Disc Drive did not come into the pots, so that the ambitious projects for Ocarina of Time were attired belonging.

Also interesting: That’s how a remake of Zelda would have to look at Ocarina of Time

We do not want to complain, the result was and is still one of the best and most important games of all time. Nevertheless, it is of course exciting to think about what could have been, the 64DD plans would not be collected in itself.

What could have been

Not only do we have this thought, which was obviously Nintendo, especially but Zelda-inventor Shigeru Miyamoto did not just give up the ideas and trouble that came into the early development of Zelda 64. Thus, a plan came out of the distress, as you would still want to implement the 64DD Zelda.

With less time pressure in the back of the head and a ready-developed game in the hand, with which one could experiment about the risk resistant, the idea of ​​an extended, changed version of Zelda was born: Ocarina of Time for the 64DD, which would pick up much of what once for the The main game was planned. The working title for this project: Ura-Zelda. The 64DD version would not have been a completely new game.

With attached additional periphery on the N64 you would have had to have both the Ocarina-Time module and the additional disc for the 64DD to bring the game to run. If you like that, it would have been a very early form of an add-ons or DLC on console, as they were already widespread on the PC at that time.

All new in Hyrule

The plans for Ura-Zelda sounded as well as in the former main game promising: changed dungeons, new enemies, new items, generally a greatly changed female fame were promised. Not a hundred percent understanding is whether the reports are true that even two add-ons for Ocarina of Time were in progress.

DD-AS was probably nothing

Ura-Zelda, however, was real without any question, and the development made great progress.

Just just that the tremendous flop of the 64 dd seems to be more and more drastic. At the end of 2000, when it has long been clear that the additional hardware had failed and even the successor of the also moderately successful N64 was already in the starting blocks, Shigeru Miyamoto declined that the game was not dead and on the contrary was quasi.

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Page 1 The legendary Ura-Zelda, page 1: What could have been

Page 2 The legendary URA-Zelda, page 2: The end result called Master Quest

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