The top game of the Oberliga Schleswig-Holstein Nord ended with a draw: to the final phase, however, the domestic TSV bordesholm against the Tsb Flensburg still looked like the safe winner, but then a penalty of penalty (82nd) ​​made for the 1 : 2-connection – and in the re-entry time Meyer still for the rejuvenated compensation of the Flensburger (90. + 4). Bordesholm was previously highly deserved after a superior-led first half with a 2-0 guidance (Klimmek, 20./özkan, 29th) in the break. In passing two then the TSB woke up and came back with a force stroke.

The place in the upcoming master round both certainly – and also the Eckernförder SV has qualified for the same with a 1: 0 success over the TSV old wood. For the gate of the day in an overall event-poor game, Mohr briefly caused the restart with a shot from a good 18 meters (51.). By the way, the Altenholzer ended this duel to ninth: in the final stages both jasses with the traffic light and keeper Detlefsen fled with smooth red from the square. Acted as a relegate candidate before the season, the Eckernförder SV thus ensures the league.

Cokgez leaves Turkor Kiel

THATCHER DEMKO DOES IT AGAIN (Vancouver Canucks VS Toronto Maple Leafs, Robertson, Chiasson, Boeser)

For the last remaining space in the master round, Türkspor Kiel and SV Frisia 03 are fighting 03. The keels known that Coach Onur Cokgez is leaving the club to the end of the season won 6: 2 at TSV Kronhagen undertaking. From the beginning Turkor took over the command and played as unleashed. After 24 minutes, the game was decided by partly well-played hits by yildirimer (10th), Erzocu (12th) and Volkers (24th). Bahr’s Sunday Shot To the 1: 3 Just before the break, the only bright spot of the relegation threatened homeland (44.) was. Until the 80th minute, however, Inter further showed without grace and – also due to numerous negligence in the home defensive – half-dozen full (zincdo, 58./akbaka, 63 / acer, 80.). The 2: 6 final score fell through a penalty of crash (85th).

With a game and two counters more than FRISIA 03, the Kieler has four inner, because the counterparty against the Soft Reserve did not come over a 2: 2. Frisia showed himself motivated and with enormous passion, under the bottom line was also game-determining. But because too few of the opportunities were used, one was suddenly after a goatless first half (Kurt, 61./shahif, 76.). Thanks to an intense final phase, FRISIA ultimately won the highly deserved point: ZUTH made for the connection (78.), header for 2: 2 compensation (89.). The decision for the last place of the master rank is probably falling next weekend when Inter Turkpor and Frisia 03 directly meet.