For years, one of the biggest fascinations of the Independent Internet Artist community has been to create female versions of various male characters. This we already saw with BOWSER, or rather Bowsette. Now, is the turn of the main Villano Desonic the hedgehog of joining this trend.

Recently, the user known as Ciosuiim shared an illustration that gives us a look at a female version of Dr. Eggman, now known as Eggma’am, with a style similar to what we saw with the Sonic Advance series for the game Boy Advance

Dr Eggman's Twitter Announcement

Did Eggma’am be the next great love of Twitter and the artists of social networks? That is still to be seen. Therefore, there is no doubt that the work of Ciosuiim looks so impressive that it would not be surprising if one day we see this character in a series of the series. Maybe for Sonic Mania 2 This dream comes true.

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