According to a report of the Magazine Deadline, Amazon should have thrown an eye on the popular Playstation series God of War. Amazon is to be currently in negotiations and already found the responsible persons of the series adaptation. Of course, the question is whether Tom Holland Kratos and Atreus will take over in a double role.

Amazon should plan “God of War” series

If you have just fallen out of the face right away: Tom Holland is not mentioned (currently!) With no word. According to Deadline, Amazon is currently in the negotiations on a possible series adaptation of Sonys “God of War” series . (Source: Deadline). The story around the former Spartan warrior Kratos found its beginning in 2005 on the PlayStation 2. The most recent part is from 2018 and should be replaced by God of War: Ragnarök this year. What part of the history of Greek to Nordic mythology should take on the series is not known.

According to the Deadline sources, Amazon has already occupied a few key positions. What we are also with the good and bad news. The good news: In the team, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, the inventors and producers are the good Amazon series The Expanse (Metacritic: 72, user rating 8.9). The bad news: In the team Rafe Judkins, the showrunner the bad Amazon series is the wheel of time (metacrtic: 55, user rating: 4.5). By the way, Judkins was also the author of the Uncharted Film with Tom Holland.

Both series are book adaptations, a field in which Amazon currently moves a lot. So the much discussed “the Lord of the Rings” series literary templates. But even in the field of video game adaptations, Amazon is on the rise.


Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings” series: First trailer says nothing, the fans unfortunately too much


Daniel Hartmann

Video game films as far as the eye can see

While the “God of War” -Adaption is still unconfirmed, Amazon already has a series of Bethesdas Fallout in work. In addition, the streaming providers also work on a series to Biowares Mass Effect . But not only Amazon implements a lot of games as a series. On Paramount + soon the Halo series , HBO brings The Last of US to TV and Netflix is ​​currently creating a series Resident Evil . So you will see much new to established video game ranks in the future, even if you can not play any of them.

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