Last year, in the case of the Ukrainian e-Sports Team ‘Navi’ (Natus Vincere, Natus, Navi “(Natus Vincere, Natus, NaVi” (Natus Vincere, Natus, NaVi), which was found to participate in the ‘Pub Global Championship’ (PGC).

Since Russia began invasion of February 24, Navi has a variety of reversal messages with the current situation through the official SNS account. Especially requested the support of the outside world and more attention directly. It is also actively communicating with global fans, such as expressing appreciation to Russia, Estonia, Georgia, and to the Navi accommodation for the Navi accompanying players on the Reaction Demonstration.

Ukraine asks Xbox and PlayStation to give all of Russia the ban hammer
On March 1, SNS has announced the relationship between ESFORCE Holding, the Russian E-Sports organization. Navi said that ES Force Holding is denying the tragedy in Ukraine.

In the statement, Navi said, “The Russian Army continues the civilian attack, hundreds, and thousands of residents gave up and evoke the house. (Client) While Navi employees and players were built in the Railway, ES Force Holdings publicly denied the tragedy in Ukraine. “

“Navi can not tolerate this attitude and is regarded as an unrecognized act. We declare that ES Force Holding and all cooperation. ” ES Force is a Russian e-sports large enterprise. Professional teams, professional media, and e-sports stadiums, and the E-sports league also runs. Navi will break up with all the games, media, and teams of ESFOS in the future.

Navi is a short name, official team name ‘Natus Vincere’ is a Latin of meaning that ‘was born to win’. It was established in 2009 and currently operates a team across 14 games including , , , , .

Navi is a team that looks strong in . In 2010, E-Sports has achieved records that win the Intel Extreme Masters, Electronic Sports World Cup and World Cyber ​​Games 2010 in the first year. Since then, we have achieved a modulus and winning over a few times, and last November, the World Champion title was obtained.

Only three months ago, the Battle Ground hosted by Krafton, who was in December last year, participated in the Global Competition PGC. We have achieved the second place in the Weekly Final, and in the final grades, rank 11 of 32 teams and leave a good impression to fans.

On March 6, Navi has appealed a regiment again while uploading a video of Ukraine (Stepan Shulga) and an inverted message of the athlete’s reversal messages. They said, “e sports system originally acted together, but now it is divided than ever. I took the war together. “