A good and weak warhammer rhythm is great, but you do not succeed in filling their full potential.

TOTAL WAR -SAGA has been able to translate themselves during the third publication of the Third Publication of Japanese Feodalians in the fantasy world. During the past six years there has been a number of publications in the warhammerin fantasy world, whose third part we can now enjoy.

The front has not yet broke up to the final häröspalleric form.

Strategy and tactics

Total Warit is known for its fabulous basic concept that combines basic functional activity strategic activities with an exceptionally exceptionally excellent real-time battle between army. In the strategy mode, the military forces move along with their leaders on the map apply to suitable positions for encountering suitable positions. In principle, the armies should be kept with their own soil, as the units damaged units receive the supplement sets.

Managing the national economy is not very profound. It is possible to build a variety of buildings that offer benefits such as new units, battleboards or additional resources. The city must grow to get the most delicious buildings. However, the balance must be maintained, as the creation and maintenance of units compete for resources. Putin In accordance with the lessons, all the aim is to build a bigger army, not the development of the economy.

Let's Make A Strong Unit OP

The manager of the leaders can usually lag with the number of units, artifacts and other bonuses. The heroes collect the experience that will enable both active and passive bonuses. At its simplest way, skills are buckles, for example, by an attack on troops, but some of the active skills are invertible attacks or morale hospitals.

Before a long world map chess game leads to a collision with the enemy. If desired, fighting can be solved automatically, and the predicted outcome can be seen in advance. In practice, most of all bigger rhythms should be played for yourself because the autigenerator dices are quite negatively weighted. In a single game campaign, the solutions relevant to the plot is naturally played by themselves.

Not a wretched outcome for the fight.

of the lines of turbots

The struggle is familiar with practically every part of the series. Real-time battle requires a gambler and some microsimits. Situations may change rapidly, so behind the front row should be reserved ready to confirm the weak points or to use breakthroughs for good. The heroes themselves participate in the battle either as juice as fighters or death as caught wizards. Often the heroes are even overwhelming combat solutions.

The job works greatly, and often the failure is your own reason. The matters to be taken into account are from a large terrain structure to the morality and exhaust state of the units. The learning curve is gentle, but very long.

Unfortunately, microsimits are needed slightly too much, as military groups lack their own initiative. They do not attack next to standing enemies from themselves, which is a good thing in many situations. But if adjacent enemies are easy naps such as shooters, there is a frustrating situation. In one of the struggling, my breakthrough was not attacked by the enemy wizard, but held by standing on the stand before he was next to him before I noticed to intervene in the situation.

The game is really heavy with powerful hardware. The first attempt installed on the hard disk led to the tooth-free charging times, so the use of the SSD is almost necessary. Still, RTX 3080: Ni fans shouted blurred during battles. Optimization has clearly been left halfway and, for example, the use of Alt + Tab does without crashing.

Item rhythmore heels!

grindau in good and evil

Thanks earns a campaign plot, which is a sufficiently long report of the Research Trip of Kislev Empire to look for his lost God, and the following unexpected events. However, the balance is in the key, as it encourages to passiveness – what more expansively to expanding its kingdom, the harder mechanics hit. The selection of the winner is to sit on the back, waiting for a profit.

The maps of the battles are delighted to be gratifying versatile, especially in urban positions, are easily integrated with interesting and favorable funnels for defense. The full military game is not yet a pile, but the end result is delightful.

On the other hand, the automatic solution of the battles is provided for a particle too tight, which encourages the wrong way to solve every battle itself. In practice, this means that optimal playing – and more difficult severity degrees – requires each small borderline to anesthetized blanket through.

Ultimately, a lower grade to staple overall bugs. I would very much like to be a nice game, but the balance problems and the feel of grinding will eat unnecessary large-scale gaming joy. In addition to the end of the final project: the players of the old machine should not be bothered.