For many players, there is nothing worse than someone stops in their team during a ranking game in Call of Duty Vanguard and disconnects. With a man less to win is not impossible, but it’s not easy, and losing if you do not fault, you can be a hard pill you have to swallow. Luckily, Treyarch still strives to create a fair rank system in Vanguard, and its latest SR adjustments punish some of the worst malefacts when it comes to connection breaks and stopping. According to a Treyarch developer, a player – which is called “top offenders” – lose 2,000 SR if he plays the next ranking game.

After the addition of demolition penalties on February 28, Treyarch introduced a new series of adjustments that targeted “players who have previously been separated from a considerable number of games” to add this straff function.

“New SR adjustments for ranking games are introduced for players who have separated the connection to a significant number of games before the penalties added on February 28th anniversary,” says Treyarch. “Why do we do that? To maintain equal competitive conditions and to prevent players from having to leave games on purpose. “

Treyarch has also revealed that “the top offender has disconnected the connection [Over] 280 times since the start of Ranklistspiel” on February 17th. “Enjoy your -2000 SR loss, boss. We hope it was worth it, “says the news of the developers. The revelation that this player will lose 2,000 SR for his actions indicates that this is the maximum penalty for players with a significant number of connection breaks.

Why is that the upper limit? Well, Treyarch’s Ranklist Game Update from 2 March was actually described in detail how much SR would lose a player when he separates the connection. The first dropout is punished with -50 SR, and all subsequent dropouts are punished with -25 SR. In view of this, it looks like Vanguard’s “top-offenders” got lost – they could have lose losing over -9000 SR.

The decision to punish early facts was largely supported by the online fans, but there are still players who report SR problems and express their concerns when it comes to server separations that affect their SR unfairly.

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It is clear that Treyarch’s work on the Vanguard ranking game is far from completed, and we expect to see further updates in the future, dealing with the problems around SR gains and losses. However, if you want to get in the ranking game, you should see our guide to the best ranking loadouts from Vanguard – it’s never a bad idea to be prepared.