Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) I have argued that seven former and current employees have had the organizational sexual discrimination and sexual harassment of the company. This is revealed during Sony Women’s Staff Emmasezo and Sony’s staff since 2021.

In November 202, Ema Mei from her security analyst was sued her Sony for her castle discrimination and unfair dismissal. She has requested to ask the court to expand into the Class Action as it participates in the trial while participating in the trial while participating in the trial of other employees who have suffered damage to Sony’s sexual discrimination.

On the other hand, Sony has asked for a dismissal that there is no specific evidence to prove the ‘extensive intentional discrimination’ that Mayo claims.

In the meantime, March 8 (Local Time) Meijo’s lawyer has secured the testimony of seven former and current employees, which was working in Sony’s PlayStation business sector. They have been reported to provide a statement that testifies details about sexual discrimination cases in Sony’s US in the United States.

The statement is described in Sony’s several sexual scenes. From cultures that cut women’s opinions, we describe discrimination against women’s employees, female employee, sexual harassment, and women’s difficulties in female employees.

Marie Harrington, who joined this statement, she has been in the Sony Senior Director, claiming sexual discrimination on women, and she left 2019.

He was only four women in the “Coordinated Session” (Calibration Session) for the employees who have a good performance. In addition, male employees are the claims of Harrington, if they put “ranking” to the female members with the sexual charm of women.

In addition, according to the testimony of the testimony, male employees have tried to make a sexual speech, “Women’s weakness”, or trying to touch the body in business, That was.

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In addition, in 2021, Kara Johnson, Sony’s Rancho, Sony’s Rancho, and the fact that 10 female employees have been left for four months after the release of PS5 in the office. He said, “I expected some executive reduction after the release of PS5. It was reported that she was much higher in the amount of women’s employees, and the fact that it was much higher.