As do, NPD Group has published new data on the video game, specific, of the previous month, and according to those data, fromSoftware’s Anillo de Elden is now officially the best-selling video game in the United States, as well as The most sold game of February 2022. Since the title was only launched on February 25, it is a fairly impressive feat and supports the previous reports on Elden_ to have a massive release.

The complete breakdown of NPD data on Twitter of Mat Piscatella is worth reading, but it is also worth noting that there are some warnings to this information. First, several titles on the list such as pokémon legends: arceous and luz dying 2: Stay human do not include digital sales, although Piscatella has declared that he does not believe that the classifications change if it were. It is also only March, so while anillo de Elden currently holds the crown, it is still much of the year before these classifications are completed.

The success of anillo de Elden is not entirely impressive given the history of the developer and revisions of the title. «Anillo de Elden is not a perfect fromSoftware, but it is a remarkable evolution of almost everything that people loved or detested from the previous works of the developer,” the review of anillo de Elden, which gave him a 4.5 out of 5, it is said in part. “He has found what he feels like a pleasant balance between accommodating newcomers and alleviating frustrations while maintaining the difficulty difficulty that is expected of the study.”

As noted above, Elden_ is currently available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC. You can check all our previous coverage of the new video game of fromSoftware here.

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