Elden Ring has many complex battles with bosses. With more than 80 bosses in the game, even experienced players will definitely be delivered to some of them. TOT Valorous Gargoyle The battle can catch the players by surprise, because in fact there are two bosses that will attack at the same time.

Best Strategies for Battle With Boss Valiant Gargoyle

Entering into battle with this boss, players should know that they will attack two bosses, Valorous Gargoyle as well as Valland Gargoyle (TwinBlade) . The battle will begin with the presence of only the valiant Gargoyle, and then after a few seconds they will join the valiant Gargoyle (double blade).

The best strategy for this battle with the boss is to enter the arena with a strong appeal of the Spirit (a great choice – a deck of the Mimica, the Knight of the Red Harry of the Oya and the ashes of the spirit of a black knife). This is vital, since a strong call may distract one of the bosses while the player focuses on the other. Another tactic would be united with one of the bosses together with the appeal of the Spirit to destroy it, and then go to the second together together.

The first Gargoyle will use a massive ax, and when she remains half of health, the second Gargoyle will appear (with a double blade). Both of these bosses apply a huge damage in the near battle, so players should be kept at a distance and avoid attacks. at any price. Gorguli will also have an attack of a far-battle poison that you should avoid. Since the first Gorgral will have little health by the time when the second will enter the game, it is recommended to finish it before switching to a double blade. This will prevent the overload of the players.

The EASIEST way to beat the Valiant Gargoyles - Elden Ring Boss Guide

What falls out of the valiant Gargoyle when victory over it?

Together with 80,000 runes, Valiant Gargoyle bosses will leave their weapons after death. This weapon is quite useful and has some good skills that players can use when they are equipped.

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