In enhancement to the electronic gaming experience Pokémon GO organized in even more than 20 cities around the globe on this particular day an online event under the name “Community Day” -Meetups. In Germany and also Austria a lot more cities will take part. We reveal you what they are as well as we can be their doing.

What type of occasion is it? Each month will be held in Pokémon GO a Community Day, which places a certain Pokémon in the. On Sunday, 13 March 2022 it’s that time once more as well as this moment you can also meet two monsters: Sandan and Alola-Sandan.

InPokémon GO will occur on Sunday, the Community Day with Sandan and also Alola-Sandan. On this celebration Niantic now kept in various cities live events. We at MeinMMO looked at what it’s everything about where the events occur and as you can take it.

Typically this event is simply virtual location and can be played by from anywhere. That will remain to hold true with the Community Day with Sandan as well as Alola-Sandan, nevertheless, Niantic has actually thought about a special attribute for you.

In which cities Community Day Meetups happen?

When will take place the “Community Day” -Meetups? The real-time events are analogous to the Community Day with Sandan on March 13, 2022 rather. as a result start at 11:00 regional time and also end at 17:00 local time.

In Germany you have the possibility in 8 different cities to live occasions and also get involved in Austria there will be a chance. The following cities set up the “Community Day” -Meetups out (through

Niantic likewise explains that they work carefully with each other for the safety of the players with the cities. Observed in your planning the concrete (corona) rules of the place.

As you can join the live occasion? To participate in the “Community Day” -Meetups signing up or pre-registration is needed. You have to select only one of the locations and also check out during the occasion.

  • Germany: .
  • Berlin: Spandau Arcades.
  • Bochum: Ruhr Park.
  • Dusseldorf: Dusseldorf Arcaden.
  • Laatzen Leine-Center Laatzen.
  • Leipzig Paunsdorf Facility.
  • Munich Pasing Gallery.
  • Oberhausen Westfield Centro.
  • Recklinghausen Palais Vest.
  • Austria: .
  • Linz: City Park.

What you can expect to live events?

Get ready for Community Day meetup!

How do you like the proposed “Community Day” -Meetups? Are you mosting likely to the real-time events to join a? Or is that not your thing as well as you prefer to dip into residence? like to send us your sights here on MeinMMO in the comments as well as exchanges you out with various other trains.

Furthermore, you will certainly meet there to various other instructors and thus can make pals or trade Pokémon. In addition, various image points must be established up where it quits making can. Whether there will certainly be various other unique features will certainly remain, however initially seen.

We at MeinMMO looked at what it’s all regarding where the events take area and also as you can take it. What kind of event is it? In addition to the digital pc gaming experience Pokémon GO arranged in more than 20 cities around the world on this day a live occasion under the name “Community Day” -Meetups. The online occasions are analogous to the Community Day with Sandan on March 13, 2022 instead. ** As you can participate in the real-time occasion?

The advance sale of tickets to the Safari Area in Seville has begun, yet something irritates the coach at the occasion already. We show you some.

Who no time or disposition should participate these events at one or does not have a place near him, so might as usual from residence the Community Day play.

Must Live Occasion, to get involved to the C-Day? No, the live occasions are an added deal by Niantic to the video gaming experience to improve once again.

Really a great deal of “Community Day” -Meetups is not yet found out about the details content. Much Niantic has actually just educated us that there take part as typical on Community Day as well as your Sandan or Alola-Sandan catch can.