The World First Race around the world’s first kill of the Chairman in the mausoleum of the first on the degree of difficulty mythical is in full swing. However, the top guilds involved in the bet races, including Liquid and Echo, are currently against a wall at the seventh Raidboss Halondrus. That’s why the developers have decided to miss the guard a rich nerf.

High life points ensure problems with the DPS check

Halonddrus is actually a classic DPS check. This means: The guilds in the World First Race must swew the boss as quickly as possible and dodge the ground effects. However, the problem was so far the high life points of the boss, which the developers had raised significantly after an initially too easy fight on the PTR.

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9.2 PTR - Sepulcher of The First Ones Mythic Halondrus Raid Testing with Logs

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Now the team rows back and reduces the health of Halondrus in mythical mode for a whopping ten percent to 80 million life points. In addition, the developers took the following two adjustments to the capabilities of the boss opponent:

  • ERPRESS PRISMA (Cosmic Damage and Slowing Parted Player) is now less likely to remotely remote in RAID.
  • Planet linker beam (adds to players in the high damage effect range) no longer appears at a random spot.

The developers informed the guilds participating in the World First Race via Discord about the changes – and they were apparently direct effect. Both ECHO and Liquid could beat Halondrus almost to one third of his life points. The victory over the seventh boss is slowly moving, but safe in tangible proximity.

Source: Wowhead

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