Mike Büsken takes over the coaching office at FC Schalke 04 until the end of the season. Of many observers, the interim solution is critically seen. coach changes director Rouven Schröder sees in the 53-year-old but the ideal successor for the previously dismissed Dimitrios Grammozis.

At FC Schalke 04, there is a coach change again. After Dimitrios Grammozi could keep in office for about twelve months, the royal blue after the coach changey misery of the past few weeks moved and separated prematurely from the 43-year-old.

Schalke 04 entlässt Dimitrios Grammozis

“We would like to thank him, he gave everything to Rostock. We have all the highest respect Dimitrios opposite. And how – and how – Dimi has publicly expressed after his dismissal, shows what a fine person he is,” said S04 coach changes director Rouven Schröder praising a media round to Grammozis. The ex-coach had previously adopted in an emotional statement from FC Schalke 04.

Although Schröder once again expressed his appreciation for Grammozis, he justified the coach change through the lack of results.

“That was not a plural decision, but a development process,” said Schröder: “Conversations were not led to emotional but factual level. The coach changeing guide and the entire club have carried this step.”

Schalke-veteran Bücke loud Schröder “The right” man

In the coming weeks, Mike’s Büskens should lead to the table sight of the 2nd Bundesliga for the most demanded Bundesliga return. The decision for the previous assistant coach had been made in the association “in full persons”, stressed Schröder. Accordingly, the royal blue did not deal with other candidates.

When asked if the coach change came too late, the Schalke manager answered, “We will know on May 15, if that was the right time. In view of six points behind third place, it was time to set a momentum, Six points are a fist. ” Bezen is “the right” for this job.

In summer, FC Schalke 04 should then be installed a new coaching team. “There are already thoughts for summer, but is now a step too far,” said Schröder: “Let’s take the time in peace, there are exciting profiles. The time will end up see who fits Schalke 04.”