The Spanish developers Tequila Works have announced that Tencent has acquired the majority shares in their company. Among other things, the studio has worked on Rime, The Sexy Brutal and the Planned Song of Nunu: a League of Legends Story.

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Raúl Rubio, co-founder of Tequila Works, says they can work thanks to the investment on “own IPS”. _ “Twelve years ago, the team with Tequila Works has made a passion of high quality titles that have broadcast our personal ideas” , says Rubio. “But there is a border how much you can grow al1. This partnership allows us to focus on your own IPS, for which we are so well-known and the best [game] create experience that we can dream “, Rubio ends his explanation.

By investing, one hopes to be independent to be able to rewrite their own ideas again and return to their old roots. With Tequila Works, the Chinese Gigant Tencent already grabs the third studio this year, in February, the company has bought both the developer Inflexion Games, as well as 1C entertainment to 100 percent. But even last year Tencent has invested in over 100 gaming companies, including the Back-4-Blood Studio Turtle Rock.