In recent hours, you may have heard of dismissals at PlayStation, mainly in Europe but also in the United States. This has been painful for many, and even more because the news has been announced on the day of revelation of the final name of the PlayStation 5 and the first details of Dualshock 5.

However, Playstation players have so much talent that we really see them get back quickly to the industry, and it could even happen at Xbox, the biggest competitor in the games sector for Sony.

For strange that it may seem, an artist shared his dismissal experience at PlayStation, and someone called Xbox Aaron Greenberg (Executive Director of Xbox Game Marketing) to see if he could help.

Greenberg said he was “sorry to hear the news, if people are willing to be in Seattle, we have some shown roles. If I can do something to help people in the affected industry, do it -joy yourself. Start here and filter on Xbox “, sharing a link to the Careers site of Microsoft.

Making Strangers Choose Between Free Playstation & Free XBOX!

He also suggested the artist to “keep his head high, the industry develops and there are a lot of good jobs out there”, so again, the talented people left behind by PlayStation will surely find a New job soon and we ‘. I will see them later. Whether it’s xbox or not.