Lost Arkbr is a new update on March 17, which brings various payment for the players. There are symbols for the brand-new Arkesia Grand Prix Event as well as for the Tytahl-Guardian Raid. We From Meinmmo tell you whatever about the spot notes and server upkeep.

What is in the upgrade? The once a week update just brings a couple of bugfixes in addition to payment for malfunctioning material:

  • There are changes to events because of summer time change. All players obtain 3,000 Grand Prix event tokens as compensation.
  • Players who took part in the Tytahl-Guardian Raid, while the malfunctioning benefits were active, likewise get compensation. It will certainly differ from gamers to gamers.

ARK *NEW* 100GB Update (DETAILS)
* All the bonus offers of the regular and regular monthly crystal reward bundles are currently distributed correctly as well as additionally retroactively, if they have already activated them.

Just last week the first content update was released in the West. This brought new story content, brand-new outfits and a brand-new RAID.

Exactly how long does the maintenance go? The web servers go offline at 8:00 am.

If the web servers will certainly go live earlier or to prolong the upkeep, we maintain you up to date in this article.

Weekly update on March 17 – Spot Notes

  • The occasion timers in the game hanging with each other with the summertime time change are repaired since the hotfix has actually not solved this problem from Monday Evening. Gamers need to have enabled the summer season on their computer systems to ensure that the watch is displayed properly.
  • Because of the issues with the timers in the game as well as the connected complication as the temporary Arkesia-Grand Prix event occurred, we offer all gamers 3,000 Grand Prix Event tokens. This currency will be automatically offered to you in the Universal Storage.
  • We are likewise knowledgeable about a blunder, the player avoids from joining Arkesia’s large price when trying to complete the occasion pursuit with a personality under level 50. Although this mistake is not fixed in this upgrade, we work with a fix that is released throughout the event duration.
  • The players that did the Tytahl-Guardian battlewagon while he was malfunctioning getting settlement for shed products. The precise compensation will certainly vary from individuals to individuals, as the players have actually consumed different objects during their raid, however might include the following:
  • Stones of awakening
  • Consumable fighting items
  • Phoenix springs
  • Blue crystals
    These things will certainly be found after completing the maintenance in your mailbox.
  • Once a week as well as monthly crystal bonus offer bundles currently give the players to the corresponding bonuses. We have also approved retroactively all benefits that might be missed out on while this mistake happened, and these crystals can be extracted from your warehouse as quickly as you log in.

Was her affected by among the errors? As well as are you eagerly anticipating the settlement? Is there any kind of various other mistake to take care of the Amazon.com and SmileGate? Create it in the remarks.

Today, a discussion about the most up to date content update is still running in Lost Ark. Since many are too rapid with the brand-new content and there are still crucial catch-up mechanics are missing:

Lost Ark brings too fast brand-new content, says: “Did not assume that gamers are sour”

Shed Arkbr is a new upgrade on March 17, which brings numerous settlement for the gamers. There are tokens for the new Arkesia Grand Prix Event and for the Tytahl-Guardian Raid.

Exactly how long does the maintenance go? The servers go offline at 8:00 am.