Dolicom announced entry into the web3 business, and it has been revealed to create block chain games using IP with the ThirdVerse group known for “Sword of Garganture“.

The company says that Web3 is regarded as a “distributed Internet service that realizes a token-based manner”, and a major change that occurs there will be a business opportunity, and we will aim for commercialization as a business opportunity. In the future, we are planning to produce 2 works for overseas, such as the Knowhau to block chain games such as “OASYS” Validator Node operation.

In addition, the first one of them is that “Wizardry Va (provisional)” scheduled for service starts is that it will be a new “Wizardry” IP license title . The company is also a “played for the basis of the game” Playing “The basics of the game” can be convinced on this new block chain game in the new block chain game, which is scheduled to be developed in the summer of 2022 We aim to plan, develop and operate on the operation policy and rules.