Hypergry (HypergrymopH) announced on the first time in the new 3D real-time strategy RPG ‘Mountain Contour, the new 3D real-time strategy RPG’ in the Mountain Contour, the new 3D real-time strategy RPG ‘

This published “Endfield” is a third-time development work of hyper grains in the argument and X Astris (EX Astris).

Hypergly is expected to focus on global gamers’ interest in this new work, as well as a solid development and tremendous potential through games such as ark.

In particular, it shares the worldview of ‘argument’, but has a completely independent new story line, character and content.

This game begins in the story of “Talos II”, which is not civilized, and the user will have a task to pioneer, conquerate Talos II with team members in the “Endfield Industry”, and to restore lost technologies.

In particular, we can unlock new stories and various stages through various missions, and combine RPG play in the latest strategy combat method to simultaneous control of multiple characters.

In addition, in the game story progress, we can experience a truly real-time strategy game implemented with multiple camps and various types of monsters, and implemented in 3D.

‘Inflationary Arrangement: Endfield’ is the initial stage of the current development, and is being tilted to contain more possibilities in the game, including conceptual design, artistic expression and play content.

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In addition, it is being developed aimed at global multilingual version launches and is preparing to enjoy on mobile and PC platforms.