The Quarry was revealed and is the next large horror experience of SuperMassive Games. And like most of her other publications, it is packed with celebrities that play the characters that they can control during the game shaped by their decisions and actions. The synchronizer and performers of The Quarry are a wide selection that covers both boy and old talents and some people from series and films that they probably would not expect.

With many different characters on stage, the young occupation of Scream actor David Arquette is supported. The other members of the group were also in their fair share of real estate, including 13 Reasons Why, Detective Pikachu, Evil Dead, Halloween, The Wolf of Wall Street and more.

With the publication of The Quarry in June you will receive a lead, who will play the many, many characters from which the game is to go to the fullest. The Quarry spokesman and occupation list .

Synchronator and occupation of The Quarry

The synchronizer and the quarry occupation list cover 15 actors and actresses according to IGN. We do not know against whom you play all, but we will update this list in the coming weeks.

  • David Arquette (Scream franchise)
  • Ted Raimi (Evil Dead, Spider-Man)
  • Arielle Winter (Modern Family)
  • Ethan Suplee (The Wolf of Wall Street)

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* Lin Shaye (insidious franchise, the Grudge)
* Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu, Jurassic World: The Kingdom)
* Evan Evagora (Star Trek: Picard)

  • Miles Robbins (Halloween [2018] Blocker)
  • Grace Zabriskie (Armageddon, Wild at Heart)
  • Zach Tinker (13 reasons why)
  • Lance Henriksen (Aliens, the Terminator)
  • Halston Sage (X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Paper Cities)
  • Brenda song (DOLLFACE, the social network)
  • Siobhan Williams (abandoned)
  • skyler gisondo (the social dilemma)

This is the full occupation list that has been announced so far. There could be some surprises when the game is released in June. As far as we know, it looks like this would be the main part of the characters with whom they will spend time.

The Quarry seems to be a great spiritual successor to the current generation of Until Dawn, and we can not wait to get it in the hands in just a few weeks. Stay up to date to get further instructions that lead to the publication of the game.