The Global Interactive Entertainment Brand The Hoybo (Hoyoverse) announced on March 30, that the 2.6 version update of the Open World Action RPG ‘Winning’ is on March 30th.

New 2.6 versions of the ‘Saemaulbram’ in the mountains of the ‘Purple Garden’ are located in the western end of the Riwol, the fully new ‘layer cancer’ s province ‘is unfolded in front of the eyes, and the player can meet a new 5 star character’ Kamisato Ayao ‘in Inazuma across the sea.

The main ore supply of Riwol’s ‘layer cancer’ is a part of the fuchsia and deep underground space. The area is closed due to a series of inversion accidents in the past, but is currently occupied by monsters, treasure hunts, and Wangannatin.

Especially when completing the main story and a new legendary mission ‘azimong, a new boss monster at the end of’ layer cancer ‘, a new boss monster’ s snake ‘and an unknown risk of abys are emerging.

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On the other hand, the device called ‘renowned catalyst’ is to help the player to be delivered to the player, and to provide a rich compensation, including four-star weapons prototypes and new business cards, to stimulate the user’s premiere.

This update joins the new 5th character ‘Kamisato Aya’. The promising director of the Yashiro Pong ‘Kamisato Corps’, Kamisa Taoya, has had the ability to use one-handed sword, and have the ability to increase a large range of damage for a short time, and raise the team’s basic attack effects.

In addition, you can get “Kamisao Aya” and ‘Venti’ in the first half character event origin, and you can see ‘Kamisa Ayaka’ again through the origin of the subsequent character event.

In addition, in the weapon event origin, the new 5-year-old Sword of Inazuma will be added.

In addition, in the ‘Oridori Festival’, it is provided with a variety of compensations with a mission, such as a theme photo shoot, upgraded institutional defense, a sword, a flower arrangement, such as a flower arrangement, and a four-star character ‘ It is paid.

For more information on ‘Winning’ 2.6 version updates, you can check through the official café.