In June of last year, the South Korean studio Lionheart and his publisher Kakao Game launched the final version of Odin: Valhalla Rising in South Korea, unveiling a MMORPG Cross-platform distributed both on mobile devices and PC. The game boasted its graphic qualities and its dynamic gameplay and obviously, the South Korean players have massively answered present – the game ranks regularly on the podium of the most played mobile titles in Korea (it becomes even the indétrônable lineage M * * and lineage 2m In the stride of its launch, before having to give up its first place to lineage w **).

ODIN: Valhalla Rising Gameplay - MMORPG Android IOS

Odin Valhalla Rising must be the subject of global exploitation and before an exit in the West, the MMORPG launches to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao – after testing, animations and meadow events. – Inscriptions and pre-creation of characters since last January. As for the South Korean version, the Taiwanese version of Odin integrates cross-platform options and is distributed on Google Play, the App Store and PC via the local official website. And for the occasion, 27 servers are available for launch – with the possibility of opening more on the craze of the players requires it.

If this Taiwanese version is translated into Chinese (always relatively small accessible to Western players, therefore), it nevertheless marks the Beyond Korea program of the publisher Kakao Games , which aims to distribute the MMORPG outside the borders of South Korea. At this point, no launch date in the West is specified, but the game must be revealed over different territories throughout the year.