Anyone who was looking forward to another movie with actor Bruce Willis should certainly be something disappointed. The 67 year old American ends a bit surprisingly his career . This is out of a official message of his family , which is to read on the Instagram account of the daughter Rumer Willis. This was also signed by her sister Scout, the current wife Emma Heming-Willis and the ex-wife Demi Moore.

That’s why Bruce Willis ends his career

The End of the Career of Bruce Willis

As shown in the message, Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with Aphasia recently . This is a certain type of language fault, which usually occurs as a result of a stroke or a damage to the brain **. However, the more detailed circumstances in the case of Willis are not known yet. Due to the aphasia, the actor is no longer possible for the actor to pursue its previous job. In the message, it still states:

_ “This is a really challenging time for our family, and we are very grateful for your sustained love, compassion and support. We will start this together as a strong family unit and wanted to involve the fans as we know how much he Just as you mean something to him. “_

The big career of Bruce Willis

Born in 1955 in the German city of Idar-Oberstein, Bruce Willis has become known especially for its roles in action films. His peer leader is the policeman John McClane from the film series Die Die’s slow, which has helped him to the big breakthrough . He was also seen in several parts of the expendable series with Sylvester Stallone and other action stars. During his career, he was able to win some prizes such as the Golden Globe and an Emmy . Incidentally, some of his best films can be viewed in the Stirb Slow Collection on Blu-ray.

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