Want to changeout? Direction Tokyo where strange things happen… We find behind the game Ghostwire: Tokyo-Available since March 25-, the Japanese Studio Tango Gameworks founded in 2010 by Shinji Mikami, the creator of the famous series of Resident Evil. With this title, the artist abandons the horror at the same time as the reins of the project left to Kenji Kimura.

Direction the Shibuya district for a title that intends to immerse ourselves in Japanese culture. Japan’s followers will find all their adventure thousand and small references to Nippone culture as these friendly Yokai we believe here or there.

On the architecture side, we find the typical buildings of the city between buildings, ancestral temples, doors Torii, until the famous Tower of Tokyo, Alter ego of our National Eiffel Tower. The inhabitants have disappeared, replaced by strange creatures. All these monsters are inspired by Japanese folklore. What to delight the followers of Japanese terror movies even if the game lies much more towards action than the thrill.

A strange atmosphere

Ghostwire: Tokyo does not hear the player but much more dive into a strange and gently disturbing atmosphere. The opponent that the player faces is both mysterious. All right now see it at the beginning of adventure. What is the purpose of the enigmatic occultist who plunged the city into this supernatural chaos where two worlds seem to coexist?

The hero of this adventure, assisted by a spectral entity, will have to lead the investigation to save his life but also that of his sister. Of course, to get rid of the evils and creatures that stand on its way, this one will be able to use magical powers.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - February 2022 Official Showcase | PS5
In the form of an FPS, first-person shooting game, but no weapon (here is good!), The game invites the player to deliver many fights. You have to choose his spells according to his enemies to make the most of it. We also find here or there during these tokyoic wavers of objects thanks to which these spells can be improved. This walk in Tokyo is not rest but also probably what makes its charm.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, Bethesda, on PS5 and PC.