Nine in series for the franchise record: The Phoenix Suns go through against the Golden State Warriors in Crunchtime and drove their 62. season win.


84.2 percent. This is not the current victory quota of Phoenix Suns, which is slightly below 81.6 percent. 84.2 percent of their game has won the franchise from Arizona this season when it went to the “Clutch” time. An undisputed peak.

Their crunchtime strengths underpinned the Suns recently with a 107: 103 away success against the Golden State Warriors. The Suns drove their ninth success in succession and set their franchise record with the 62nd season win.

62 victories also had the Suns team of 1992/93 around Charles Barkley and the 2004/05 around Steve Nash, “Seven Seconds OR Less” approach.

How exciting was the duel of two finals candidates? In the last nine minutes, it was always a “One Possession Game”. After a ball loss of Draymond Green was in return at 13 seconds on Chris Paul with a Floater to the 104: 101 on the spot – ultimately the Gamewinner, as the Suns on the line ensured the victory. With 3/3 FG and 2/2 FT in the last three minutes of the game was also the Suns Guard itself “Clutch”.