Despite a discreet announcement, Sniper Elite 5 teaches a spectacular new trailer . Planned for release in PlayStation, Xbox consoles, and also PC, the title of Rebellion will have even the luxury of appearing in physical version in consoles. In addition, it will also be available at Xbox Game Pass from the day of its launch, that is, on May 26 .

Sniper Elite 5 is revealed from a more bloody angle than ever

As we can see in this new trailer, The Killcams will be there and there will be something for every1. Surely one of the most essential elements of the license, players will have the right to find these famous Killcams that allow the enemy that we have just killed, all in slow motion. The small novelty here is the fact that this system will shoot even when we have used short-range weapons such as SMG or other .

In addition, we discovered at the same time the different ways of killing the opponents, either with weapons, or for example, releasing huge wooden boxes to crush them.

Sniper Elite 5 Трейлер на русском языке - Дата выхода

Sniper Elite 5: New history and new incorporation!

For this fifth play, We will find Karl Fairburne , who will return for a new job: The KRAKEN project, and the greatest novelty of this title is undoubtedly the addition of * a new mode called invasion * .

When the latter is activated, at any time an enemy can come and kill you while you are about to kill an enemy or complete a mission. The difficulty here is that you will not know with certainty who is he or where he is. It will only be notified of the presence of it. Come on, at Dark Souls.

However, Of course you will have the possibility to deactivate this mode for a totally solo immersion .