For players who want to prevent their Pokémon from evolving, they have some methods at their disposal in Pokémon_ and Bouclier. A simple way to prevent the Pokémon from evolving is to give him the Stasis, which works on all the Pokémon holding it. You have the opportunity to acquire it exceptionally early.

Turffield Stone Riddle Solution in Pokemon Sword and Shield
You can find it during the first part of the game in Turffield, where you face the first leader of Pokémon Gym. Once there, from the Pokemon center, go right and continue until you can take your first left. It’s a minor slope with the wooden stakes on each side. Go down, then take the first left you have left.

You should arrive at a stalemate to find a brilliant point, which should be stone stasis. This location is where you can find the first at the earliest.

Fortunately, there are the places where you can start cultivating a stasis stone for several Pokémon during your adventures. The only other place of the game is in Bridge Field, in the wild area. You must locate the Digging duo, which is right next to the nursery, on the east side of the map. Go to them and pay for 500 watts to dig for you. They are lucky to discover a stone stasis during their search.