The heavy sniper rifle from Fortnite has a turbulent story behind, as it was removed several times and returned to the game again. The nail in his coffin, however, came with patch 13.00, where the weapon seemingly curved forever, after being overwhelmed after Nerfs as still to be overwhelmed and replaced by the hunting rifle and the Bolt-action sniper rifle. But after almost two years, Heavy Sniper Rifle is back.

According to A Blog entry on the EPIC Games website, Update V20.10 introduces Heavy Sniper Rifle back to Fortnite, but this time in revised form. “Heavy Sniper Rifle is back in business and has been revised to fight the recent amooker of vehicles,” says in the post. “His top-class grenades now add extra damage to vehicles, which makes him the perfect tool to disassemble a titanium or to break the defense of an opponent from a great distance.”

To judge the patch notes, the new version of the riflescohr weapon focuses on its role as an anti-material rifle, with the development team intended that they inflict more harm structures and vehicles, rather than turning off only distant players. This is supported by the Fortnite Message Expert “Hypex”, which turns twisted the revised statistics of the weapon.

The Heavy Sniper is BACK in Fortnite!

While the general weapon damage is the same as before, the headshot damage and build damage were weakened. According to HYPEX, the weapon fits vehicles over 640 damage.

This comes after the recent update of Fornite Chapter 3 Season 2, which brought some significant changes to the best weapons of Battle Royale, as some weapons were arched from chapter 2 and others revised.

Will the heavy sniper rifle be one of the weapons curved in a future chapter, because it is too powerful? Only the time will show it, but now it’s here to help you destroy the vehicles of other players with a reckless dedication.