Establish Device Uplink near Condo Canyon, Daily Bugle, or Tilted Towers Location - Fortnite
In case you have lost it, a new fortnite the update was launched this week with a lot of changes, as usual, as a new battle at The Daily Bugle between IO and resistance. However, in addition to the adjustments and corrections that are common to the patches for the videogame, fortnite The V20.10 update also brought a modified version of a favorite fan of the fans: the heavy sniper rifle.

The new version of the heavy sniper rifle, which can be located on chests, rare chests and supply delivery in the spectrum of rare, epic and legendary rarities, is specifically designed to be able to face vehicles. The weapon now inflicts additional damage to all vehicles, which, as the Epic Games developer points out, converts it into a charming small addition to any arsenal when faced, for example, to a Titan.

«The heavy sniper rifle is back in the business and has been reconditioned to combat the recent vehicle fuss,” said the official patch notes for the fortnite update V20.10. “Its high-caliber projectiles now inflict additional damage to vehicles, which makes it the perfect tool to dismantle a Titan or break the defenses of a long-distance opponent.”

Full patch notes indicate that the new heavy sniper rifle is not included in competitive playlists, which should not be an annoyance for people, since Titan tanks and cowhunters were also removed from the lists of competitive reproduction. That said, it should be available in all other versions of the Battle Royale modes at this time.

As noted above, fortnite The V20.10 update is now available. Fortnite In general, it is currently in the middle of chapter 3, season 2: resistance, and is available on most main platforms in its most recent form, except in the iOS version. You can check all our previous fortnite coverage right here.

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