[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Kwon Yi Bus (formerly Multi, Representative Materials) released the board of directors and announced that he was newly appointed as a leading director of Nexon ‘Maple Story’ Development.

As a result, the Kwon Yi Bus is a dedicated representative in a dedicated representative, and is a promotional company that is launched as a dedicated representative, and each of the Gaecheon Jing, and leap to a metabus specialist dealing with a wide range of games such as games, platforms, virtual real estate, medical and meetings.

The Representative of Gos, Jeon-joon was a member of the Maple Story in Nexon after graduating from Seoul National University. He was evaluated as a majority of the second presence of Maple Story, such as establishing a PC online game top concurrent users recorded,

The CENTUS is expected to develop the business with each representative system, and the representative of the cynical material is oversted, and the representative of the Gahejung is expected to help strengthen the development of expertise and company competitiveness.

CEO CEO is a CCR and Nexon, etc., and a circle of VR games and metabuses as a major business in 2011 is a member of the Multuses (currently won the current Neighboret) and serves as a representative. He also has his chairman and group of Chae Jyi M Games.

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The two representatives have deducted Nexon Korea to start. The representative of the culbs, Meet the 2005, which was served in Nexon Korea, Maple Story and Mabinogi, etc.

“The Kosun Bus will focus on the development of a true meaning of the real meaning that can affect real life. In order to realize this, the ability of the game industry’s talented veteran developers and various industry’s abilities joined” I would like to show you a metaverse project that affects a variety of areas, including health, education, and enterprises, including games, “he said.

The representative of the derivatives said, “The Creative Univa, a company that has proven development and the best business of domestic business development,” he said.