Currently there is a lot in the area of subscription services for video games. Just a few days ago, Sony announced that PS Plus and PS NOW will merge from June and henceforth a new model including three ranks is offered. Also Rockstar call with GTA + a new service for GTA online into life.

Give a current rumor believe that the services of Microsoft are also changing, more precisely, the normal Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold are to be eliminated and raised the price for the Ultimate subscription.

Will the “Best Deal in Gaming” more expensive?

Where is the rumor? The report comes from Xbox insider and Journalist Brad Sams, who speaks in a current YouTube video about the future plans of Microsoft. Although SAMS is not an unknown, yet you should enjoy the following info with caution.

Here are the coarse key data:

  • Elimination of the normal Xbox Game Pass for 10 € / month
  • Elimination of Xbox Live Gold
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is continued
  • Price for the service: $ 15 / month

Do You Need Xbox Live Gold for Xbox Game Pass – Can You Play Game Pass Games Without Gold

For a monthly price of $ 15, you should receive all the advantages of the Xbox Game Pass and the benefits of your Xbox Live Gold Membership, as currently the Ultimate membership provides for. Brad Sams literally:

As I heard, Microsoft is currently looking to increase the price of subscription services and can demand $ 15 for membership including gold. Means, you get the Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold combined as a Fortan single model.

When it comes to restructuring? According to SAM, it should come to the price increase as soon as the acquisition of Activision Blizzard – the publisher and developer should be bought by Microsoft for $ 70 billion – over the stage is. Both parties are currently assuming that the middle 2023 will be the case.

Opinion of the editors for possible Game Pass restructuring

Dennis Michel: Although the information of SAMS is currently only a rumor that Microsoft relies on a combination of both subscription services and increases the price (easily), but is very likely.

The monthly offer of Games With Gold has been in the shadow of the new Games for the Xbox Game Pass (and PS Plus) and encounters with the selection of “free” games only on little enthusiasm. In addition, Microsoft uses the strong range of Xbox Game Pass with a low price of 10 € / month to get players in the Xbox cosmos – which works excellently.

Microsoft can afford the favorable deal as a commercially enormous strong company, but will not maintain this “lock price” for more years. Netflix, Dazn and Co. have made such a steady price increase and the Xbox Game Pass is even for 15 € per month in my opinion still a very strong offer – especially with a view of future AAA game of Bethesda and Activision Blizzard, which appears to release in the service.

But what do you mean, Microsoft will soon increase the price of the Game Pass soon and with which monthly price is yours?