The report that the young Gorilla, which is being breeding in the US Chicago Zoo, is becoming a smartphone addiction, and it is attracting attention.

The 16-year-old gorilla was known to have been in a smartphone that shows the visitor to the glass partition.

According to a more attentive, Chicago Line, Times, and a foreigner, it is a Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago that Gorilla said that it is addicted to a smartph1. In Chicago’s largest public park, which is 11 km from the north-south, this zoo, which is free of charge, is free of charge for the entry fee. African lions, giraffes, polar bears, and Cape Penguins, such as Cape Penguins, are a zoo where you can enjoy a daily landscape with more than 200 species of plants.

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That Lincoln Part Zoo is recently worried about the smartphone addiction of Gorilla. According to the zoo, Nishirorando Gorilla named ‘Amale’, which is 188kg, is the captive of a photograph or image that is showing a visitor to the glass partition. Cells, family photos, pets such as photographs and videos are looking too often.

Stephen Ross, who is responsible for an azo, said, “This is not particularly unlikely,” he said, “I am worried about the future of Amarale”. The amal that is classified as a 16-year-old young man is living with three other single young gorillas, and it is gradually become an adult through exchanges with other young gorillas, but this exchange is a description that this exchange will interfere with smartphone addiction.

At the end of March, Amare also had an event that could not know the aggressive rush of other gorils in the wind that was watching her smartph1. Mr. Ross said, “((Amarega), which is the risk of being a bullet.”

In fact, the AMARE has been increasing for a few months of viewing the smartphone, which decided to install a rope outside the glass partition so that the zoo did not show her smartphone naturally to the gorilla.

Mr. Ross said, “If you agree with the idea of protecting the animal, you will be able to overcome the desire to see a picture with Amarale,” he said, “We asked visitors to cooperate for the happiness and health of an adult. “I said,” he said.