Kirby was never the big seller: the games around the pink blob always go as well as the charging counter, that the H�ffar of each gamer generation has been a term since 1992 and the series is continuing – the sales figures Dimensions of Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros. or Splatoon remained Kirby but always denied.

According to a fan side, the Game Boy First Chirby’s Dream Land is still the largest hit of the durable series with good five million copies sold. But Kirby’s status as a brave employee on Nintendo fame could challenge with the latest part of the series – because Kirby and the forgotten land (from 49.99 � at buy) has a strong start in Japan Hidden.

With 380,000 eliminated games in the week since publication, the switch title does not only place the best start of sales for the series, but spontaneously jumps in 2 to the best launches in 2022 – behind Pok�mon legends: Arceus and still Before a certain elder ring. These exciting numbers has shared Game Data Library on his Twitter account with the world.

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Oh yes, a 4p test of Kirby and the forgotten country will give it this week – we can ever betray you at this point.