PLAYIZM has started Delivery of Search Type Girl Horror ADV “ IB ” April 11 for PC (STeam).

This work is a developer / creator Kouri announced as a free game in 2012, and a search emphasis horror adventure on the art museum. Developed by “ RPG Tukool 2000 “, of course, the degree of completion of the game, as well as image posting and real condition, etc., it is also a network that is still a strong popular title. From the birth parent Kouri in 2021, the announcement of remake to commemorate the 10th anniversary was.

A girl who visited the museum with her parents Eve is aware that it has become one person alone, and while she is looking for someone else. The player is a unique visual drawn spooky museum, which uses items to unlike various gimmicks and aim for escape.

# # Remake version change point

  • Ground resolution is greatly improved. The game screen becomes large and evolves to a more beautiful “IB”.

  • Almost all graphics such as map, character, still, etc.

  • Add new works, and many art products with large design.

  • The concept of the concept of being ready to play as well as the game is not good as it is.

  • Additional and change on some gimmicks and effects. There is also a full new puzzle that is not in the free version.

  • Add zoom mode. To make small items easier to see or watch works larger.

  • Add conversation system. Gain a hint from the accompanying character and chat.

  • Partial change of BGM. The complete original music written for remake version.

In addition, in commemoration of delivery, Twitter is being held until April 18, “IB” framed illustration (A5) of “IB”.

The long-awaited remake version “IB” is currently delivered for 1,300 yen for PC (STeam).