A new mobile phone virus can cause great damage. This should be even more dangerous than previously known viruses.

Dortmund – hackers are currently giving themselves with a new virus access to the mobile phone and thus on personal bank details, such as bank details * white.

Malware steals bank details: These smartphone users are affected by the virus

In 2016, according to CHIP.de, a banking malware called “EXBOT” has appeared for the first time. Since then, similar viruses have always been ensured for horror moments. The new malware “Octo” is based on the ExBot virus and is similarly built (more Digital News at bank details *).

However, the new variant should be even more dangerous than its predecessor. Since it is an Android malware, hackers have only on users with this software. But even behind transfer mails sometimes is a rip off *.

Octo malware steals bank details: So tears are hacked by Android users

The hackers should have managed to hide a harmless app in the Google Play Store and deactivate the security precaution Google Protect when downloading. The virus works like a kind of livestream because the hackers can pursue everything the user makes their smartph1. Shortly thereafter, the screen is black and the smartphone can no longer be used.

For the owner it seems as if the device be off. But during this time, the malware performs various tasks such as scrolling, tapping, text and cut out and paste. The system is even able to block push notifications from different apps and to intercept or send texts.

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Malware Cloth Bank data from the smartphone: Hacker has access to this information

By monitoring, the virus comes to personal messages as well as social security numbers and pins of the users. This allows the saved money to be quickly gone in the worst case. Partially bonds fraudsters their victims also by SMS *.

For Google Play, the fraud detection software Threa Fabric has already discovered an app called “Fast Cleaner”, which looks like a legitimate app, but still contains harmful malware. For example, to protect yourself from hacker attacks, users can download a so-called antivirus protection and control their app notifications. _ * bank details is part of the editorial network from phenia.media._

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