The Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol), Korea Game Industry Association (President Kang Shin-cheol), Korea Low Point Pavilion (Department of Directors), Korea Low Point Panel (Committee Choi, Byeong-kuk), Korea Content Promotion Agency (Substring) In order to promote the game industry, the Korean Wave craze of the Korean Wave craze was concluded that the Games of the Game Water Management Committee was concluded in Busan, Korea.

The Korean Wave: How South Korea is Dominating the Internet
Research and development and SW copyright, including games in the copyright area, which recorded the surplus of $ 2.45 billion last year, have recorded $ 1.7 billion and have a lot of trade of trade resin surplus. However, according to the Copyright Protection Annual Report, however, we increased 23.5% YoY in 2020, with a 23.5% year-on-year, △ Saewon (1,342, 2.8%), △ Torrent (2,058, 4.3%) It was shown to be moving to this difficult path.

Therefore, the public institution and the public agency related to the game copyright protection were strengthened, and the cooperative agreement for the game industry was concluded for the game. Fifth agencies are through the agreement through this task agreement ▲ Creating a joint content for sharing and recognizing data for game copyright protection ▲ Education, briefing session, consultation, consulting, promotion, promotional, Co-effort ▲ Investigation support for illegal game creators and operator punishment ▲ It decided to cooperate with game copyright industrial promotion.

Each institution said this Convention said that it has been able to share experiences and resources between relief and relief, and organically cooperation in various levels.