One of the sports where Latin representation has given much about what to speak to being super smash Bros, where players of the continent have come to the top of the world crowned in different instances and making it clear that the monarchs leave Latam. The weekend was carried out Genesis 8, one of the most important tournaments within the competitive world of smash , with meee tournaments and ultimate where we could see great meetings to define who They would be those who stayed at the top.

After the preliminary phase and reaching the playoffs where only the best thing of the best became present, we could see the confrontation (and revenge of Reta 2022) of Leonardo “MK Leo” López against Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez, in a * Best of 5 that I would end up dominating the teacher of Byleth before the Main Cloud, * I would advance within the competition in a good way. On the other side in the losers’ bracket we saw William “Gluttony” Belaid facing Paris “Light” Ramirez in a duel where the Frenchman would be victorious with his characteristic Wario that gave him a 3-0.

In the final round of Lasers we saw Sparg0 fighting equally equal against gluttony but the French Leaving a 3-1 in the series to reach the final against the Mexican tlatoani.

Looking for the crown, Mexico against France, We arrived at the end of the tournament where both players already know each other, letting an excellent level of play during the set, however, the power of * Byleth and the handling he performed MK Leo ended up managing the final with a 3-0 , demonstrating that it is still the monarch within competitive SMASH. *

We could also see a tournament of couples where the final was from Mexicans, reaching a very exciting duel where Mk Leo along with Abraham “Bigboss” Slane managed to defeat Sparg0 and Santiago “Chag” Perez, for which * Mexican Tlatoni ** Consolidated its power in both Singles and Doubles.

MKLeo vs Sparg0 - Winner's Final Ultimate Singles - Genesis 8 | Byleth vs Cloud

There is no doubt that the competitive scene of smash Bros continues to talk about every day, Mexico has become one of the maximum exponents by giving representations as well within international tournaments, surpassing players from Spain, North America and France During several events, overcoming great duels and waiting for the future to see more news about Latin representation.