Japanese magazine V JUMP, dedicated to sleeves and videogames, has published an article in which it has confirmed the release date of Digimon Survive . It will leave July 28 for PC and consoles, although this date only corresponds to the launch in Japan and at the moment they have not confirmed a simultaneous release around the world.

DIGIMON SURVIVE - Teaser Trailer

Since his original ad in 2018, when Bandai Namco dated him for 2019, the title has suffered a multitude of delays; The first of them moved it until 2020 and was that same year when they met the pandemic for two more delays, one until 2021 and the other to this 2022. In all these years they have not been expanded a lot in details, Although last month we were surprised with a new trailer and some news from the developers. Kazumasa Habu, one of the producers of the franchise, made it clear that Survive will break with the tone and structure of the series by being more “dark and adult” where the Digimon will be halves of the interior of their peers and “reinventing the origin of the monsters Digital: “This is the first time that the monsters, who used to have an ethereal existence, will be able to interact with people in the modern world.”

We already know that Digimon Survive will be a visual newness divided into different chapters, which will allow us to progress through conversing with the rest of characters and where our elections will affect “the evolution of our monstrous allies”. But, of course, you will not only stay there: you will also have fighting at the style of tactical role games, and will have more than one hundred digimon in total.

Digimon Survive will come out on July 28 in Japan, for Xbox One , PlayStation 4 , Nintendo Switch and PC . We still do not know the date of launch in the West.