“Since the contracts of the federal states have expired for use (…) the Luca app at the end of March, contact data acquisition will be suspended,” says an e-mail sent to restaurant operators and other contractors. If guests scan the Luca-QR codes, no more contact details would be added. A reorientation of the Luca app had already announced Culture4Life in February.

Luca app: Free download from chip.de

More than 40 million users have registered at Luca

The CEO of the Culture4Life, Patrick Hennig, described in a video Luca as a “the few success stories in the digitization of Germany”. “More than 40 million users have registered at Luca and half a million locations.” Luca recorded over 330 million times check-ins. In the future, Luca wants to simplify and improve the lives of people, especially in gastronomy and culture through digitization. The use of the Luca app should provide for a better customer experience, “from ordering to pay, to tips.”

Consolidate & Report with LucaNet

The Luca app had been launched in 2020 to complete the collection of contact details of restaurant guests and event visitors, which prescribed in most infection protection regulations, as privacy friendly and efficiently as possible. Hennig said his company maintained the entire health department infrastructure. “In the future, it can be used anytime if necessary.”

Again and again there were heavy criticism

The Luca system had always ignited violent criticism. The Luca skeptics disturbed themselves mainly at the concept of a central data storage. Critics, like the Chaos Computer Club, warned against misuse of the data stocks collected via the LUCA system. Although the Luca encryption system critically criticized, the Luca makers could not prevent in one case the police in Mainz had the data of guests unlawfully reviewed the health department to clarify a possible offense