The era of digital charity. World Digital Conversion Burns the wind and the world’s digital associates, which are represented by artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, Metabus, Bio, and semiconductors, are becoming hotter. Here, as Russia’s Ukrainian invasion, the world supply chain becomes anxious, and the World Economic Order Reorganization has been moving.

At this time, the Republic of Korea will launch the new government next month. The next five years is as important as the future of the future. The Republic of Korea is still going to go. You can not hesitate or delay here. Hurry, you must go beyond the era of chasing, and you should go to the veteran of the past, based on the epicarized technology, and you must achieve $ 40,000 per person per capita income and achieve $ 50,000 and G5.

Five years ago, Chidinnet Korea is a science and Technology Information Communications Department, the president of the Presidential Defense of the President, and the Fourth Army Industrial Revolutionary Committee. In the ‘One Awards’, many innovations have not been able to receive awarded award, such as the emerging Ludde, who emerged as a global startup (awarded by the Occupational Minister of Overseas).

Before the launch of the new government, Chidinnet Korea is a ‘G5 Korea’ desire ‘G5 Korea’ in the ‘6th 4th World Revolutionary Awards’ journey. In this journey, the Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA), the largest software (SW) group in Korea, is like a. We look for innovation products and services that change the world in a variety of areas such as AI, Big Data, Cloud, Metabus, Mobility, Semiconductor, Healthcare, Pin Tech, Robot, Energy, Communications, Security, Internet.

You can apply for KOSA until 20th of next month. Application documents can be downloaded from the announcement on the KOSA homepage. Target Winner 3 awardes the Ministry of Occasionally. In particular, the ‘4 Area Revolutionary Awards’ is the only one of the domestic ICT public institutions, which is the only ICT public institutions, a total of 10 ICT bodies.

The winner is the special officer of the “Republic of Korea 4 Area Revolution Festival” held in the COEX B Hall, of course, as well as the Chidin Net Korea is a featured article. We will apply for many of the businesses that open the world than technology.