Lack of magic, strange creatures and other supernatural facts? Writing JV has concocted you a small selection of movies and series not to be missed on Amazon Prime for the fans of the Harry Potter Saga


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Recasting Harry Potter for HBO Max - Philosopher’s Stone - PART 1
Carnival Row is a fantastic American TV series. Directed by René Echevarria and Travis Beacha, it counts in its ranks several celebrities such as the model Cara Delevingne and the Orlando Bloom actor. Following the defeat of the alliance against the pact, many supernatural beings are forced to flee their hometown to settle within the Republic of Burgue. This company inspired by the Victorian model is struggling to accept and integrate these creatures that are accused of all the evils striking the country. Philo, a young inspector, tries in this context to elucidate a series of murders who were committed on these creatures around a street named “Carnival Row”. However, the life of philo rocks when it falls on a fairy, vignette, with whom, he had in the past a relationship during the war having torn the world of critches (name given to refugee creatures).


Cloak & Dagger

Cloak & Dagger is a fantastic American TV series that was conducted by Joe Pokaski in 2018. This project is part of the Marvel Universe, and takes the history of the characters of the comics “La Cape and the sword” Alias Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen. These two young people who come from different backgrounds, start a romantic relationship just after having acquired their super powers. They quickly realize that their outstanding skills work better when together, but the feelings they feel one for the other is just complexing a world already very hospitable.

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I, Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein is a fantastic film scripted and directed by Stuart Beattie, and inspired by the famous character of the British writer Mary Shelley. From his name Adam, the creature of Victor Frankenstein survived until our time, despite the tragic events that marked his existence. Toy of causality, he arrives in a new city and is quickly embarked in a secular war opposing two clans of immortals. He decides to interfere in order to preserve a world he loves above all.

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the time wheel

Fantastic work, The wheel wheel is a series inspired by Robert Jordan’s eponymous novel and adapted by Rafe judkins in 2021. Through this series, discover the thrilling adventure of five young villagers whose life is rocking from the day to the day. next day. A mysterious woman reveals to them that one of them is the holder of a power capable of immersing the world in the most total chaos or on the contrary to save him. Their common goal, preserve the frame of the “dark” and prevent one of them wake up the evil buried in him / her.


the heirs of the night

This Norwegian series is drawn from the Suite of Romans of Ulrike Schweikert and was adapted and then made for television by Diederik van Rooijen. Available since June 2020, this fantastic series plunges us in 1889, at a time when five of the last Vampires in Europe struggle to survive and avoid their extinction on the Elisabetha ship… their last shelter. On this boat, the heirs of the last five clans are gathered to follow the teachings of the new vampire school for the purpose of becoming stronger than ever.


Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane is a fantastic film of British-Czech origin inspired by the “Solomon Kane” fiction hero designed by the American writer Robert Ervin Howard who created the character of “Conan”. This film is made by Michael J. Basset and was screened on the big screen in 2009. Solomon Kane, a formidable captain, sees his soldiers decimated one by one during an expedition in North Africa and ends alone against the envoy of the devil who comes to seize his corrupted soul. Upon his return to England, Solomon must repent for the purpose of recovering his soul by renouncing all violence, but everything is questioned when diabolic men ravage the region.

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The Green Knight

The Green Knight is a fantastic film directed by David Lowery. This is the adaptation of the novel “Sire Gauvain and the Chevalier” which was probably written by the “Pearl Poet”, an anonymous English author of the fourteenth century. This film focuses on one of the fantastic and epic adventures of the Arthurian legend. “The green knight” narrates the story of Sire Gauvain. The reckless and stubborn nephew of King Arthur launches into a daring journey to face the green knight, a gigantic and mysterious foreign with the only purpose of proving its value in the eyes of his family and his kingdom facing this ultimate challenge.

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The Magicians

The Magicians is a series of American original fantasy magic inspired by the Roman de Lev Grossman “The Magicians”. It is carried out by will be Gamble and John McNamara. This series accounts for its belongings in which you find as the main character Quentin Coldwater, a young man in his skin who since his childhood is attracted by magic. It is invited to pass admission exams with his friend Julia to integrate Brakebills, a secret university forming future magicians. However, after being received at the entrance examination, Quentin is confronted with malefic forces that fall on him and his new Friends Penny, Alice, Margo and Elliot.



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