Fast, Leroy Sané sprinted over the lawn of the Allianz Arena, faster than last. Only was the game, the last victory to the championship, since already finished. Sané, who sat against Dortmund 81 minutes on the bench, showed only when he fled to a beer shower, how fast he can be.

During the game, then, when it counts, this Sané hardly visited something in the past two months. On a strong first round, the national player turned on in January and early February, then it was almost constant downhill. And in Munich, they twitch with the shoulders, though – again – the question comes, where the Round Sané has disappeared.

Julian Nagelsmann “Do not know exactly”, as he said thursday, before 3: 1 against the BVB, said. “Hard to say” was Hasan Salihamidzic on Sunday at “Sky 90”. “Leroy is an incredibly talented young man who has everything. He is Sausnn, can dribble and has the mental strength.” And has that, with a brief exception at the 7: 1 against Salzburg, has been no longer shown.

When Sané was replaced on Easter Sunday in Bielefeld, he radiated so little energy that it was Jamal Musiala – sometimes again – slightly to put his colleague in the shadows. The body language, with which Sané currently sneaks over the square, recalls his worst days of the past debut season in the FCB Dress. “If he did not have the body tension, I just do not like it,” criticizes Salihamidzic clearly. “That’s exactly what I do not want to be responsible.”

Of course he spoke several times with Sané, emphasizes the sports board. And when Sané then leaves the office, “I feel, now it bangs”. But it does not do it. “We always talk about potential… Potential I would like to see in the square. If you tell him that once, twice says, saying three times, in different ways and ways; once stroking, perhaps more clearly, then maybe even clearer, then saying, then stroke again. Then it must pop on the square, and we all expect all of him. Not only in the leadership, but also the coach. The team expects from Leroy that he explodes that he is in training and in the game gas gives.”

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Salihamdzic clearly introduces: “He is no longer a young player, he has become a man. Now we want that back what he gets to appreciation from the club. He is responsible for this in the game itself.”