Brain Out, Play, Once Download and then Neat Los Ballern: This is program with many singleplayer shooters nowadays. Doom, Bulletstorm and Co. set less than profound stories or crafted characters, but more on action-charged staging and liquid gunplay. So if you want to play something with substance and no dull shooter festival, you have to look for a little bit. Or even easier: Look this video here. In our shopping guide, we imagine ten genre representatives that can not only score with a crisp feel, but also with a gripping action!


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    1. 1.1DEATHLOOP
    2. 1.2WOLFSTEIN 2: The New Colossus
    3. 1.3Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered
    4. 1.4hal: The Master Chief Collection
    5. 1.5Titan case 2
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    1. 2.1Control
    2. 2.2metro 2033 redux
    3. 2.3Spec OPS: The Line
    4. 2.4Bioshock Remastered
    5. 2.5HALF-LIFE 2
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Especially this duel is staged really great by the developers. Colt and Julianna are delivered by radio entertaining word habits, which are particularly in the English version of the class. Also, the design of the game world with her funky 60s design and their many hidden secrets must convince. Only at the gameplay we would have wished for a little more freedom. In the end there is only one way to get to your goal. But the way there is worthwhile in any case.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Over the next ten to 12 hours, it’s only absurders: there are characters choppy and sewn again. The leader stops at Venus a casting for his latest propaganda movie. Atomic bombs are hidden in fire extinguishers and birds overweight Nazi girls in submarine. In this perfectly coated action fireworks really is something for every1. All this is supplemented by a terrific gunplay. Wolfenstein: The New Colossus controls flatter and precisely. Your huge weapon Arsal does not only bring the necessary bums, but can also be upgraded extensively. Headz breaking is only the German version, which was partly cut hard.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Top 10 Greatest FPS Campaigns of All Time
Meet in Combat Evolved Your Genetically Modified Supersolves Spartan-117 and saves humanity with it before your extinction. In part 3, together with the ALs of the Aliensian Alliance, and decides the fate of the galaxy. And finally puts you on new shores with Halo 4. Learn the fantastic Halo-Universe piece for pieces and better and let yourself be inspired by the bombastic staging, which is even better thanks to revised graphics and improved gameplay even better than Anno Dazumal. So, that should now be enough as a reasoning now, or?

Titan case 2

Despite all this, however, you should not neglect the action of titanium case 2. On the paper you only get the typical war story tells you as a soldier Jack Cooper of the Abmighty IMC. Especially through the relationship of the protagonist to his titan BT, the ego shooter gets a very special touch. The unequal hero pair is only part of each other through tragic circumstances and slowly builds an emotional bond. But over the game course, however, more and more a kind of Buddy-Bromomce, in which the emotional calf steel colossus almost becomes a little human. Cooper and Bt jokel and chase against each other, but are in serious moments but also for each other. In the end, titanium case 2 is so no story about the war, but about a man and his robot friend, who, when the credits roll over the screen, even grew a little bit of heart.

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