Back at E3 last June, Ninja Theory’s latest game in Ninja Theory’s works was revealed and the young boy has shown great intrigue. Now, fast, 5 months and Microsoft was displayed Bleeding Edge at his conference XO19. We even played a game game and say it was very fun! You can consult the 12 minutes of shiny 4K play below.

If you have not heard much about Bleeding Edge, the game will offer a unique 4 -against -4 combat experience, combining combo mechanics and 3rd person action. It is a question of working in a team strategically to eliminate the enemy team. Do not be afraid to use the environment and the field of the game to your advantage. It can be as simple as pushing an enemy on the way to a train, which could give your team the advantage. Bleeding Edge should also have many personalization features at your fingertips. Hundreds of different mods that can give rise to really unique game styles, including a multitude of cosmetic options for all fighter hoverboards, there are a ton of variety here.

So what can you expect exactly from Bleeding Edge? Here is what the official game of the game says, _ “Choose your fighter and join a team of overpowered renegades from the confines of the company: burning rubber as beautiful as fatty and magnificent, with its arms of detachable saw blade, tears off- The like the Black Metal rocker, Niđhöggr, with his electrifying guitar solos, or cuts the streets like the most sought after ninja in New York, Daemon. Come. Join us. The cybernetic shock of the century is about to start! _

Bleeding Edge is expected to be released on March 24, 2020 for the Xbox One and the PC. For a whole host of information on the game, do not forget to consult the official website of the game here.