We recently learned the start of the Fast X project. The 10th episode of the saga looks more than epic and ambitious, with a diesel wine always at the top of its shape. Today, the great actor offers us a short video with the first impressions of the director.


Fast & Furious (2001) Street Race Scene [Full HD/1080p]

The FAST X project

If you have spent next to the news, Fast & Furious prepares its 10th episode that responds to the sweet name of FAST X . More ambitious, larger, more detonating, Diesel wine promises us the conclusion of a legendary saga that has been able to mark the spirits. The project was officially announced on the actor Instagram account via the publication of a brand new logo . This component is right after the events of the 9th film that is the synopsis. After recovering his son from the hands of Cipher, Dominic makes an unfortunate meeting. His brother, Jakob, tries to put him sticks in the wheels, but Dom and his band never prove to vanquished.

It was from this postulate that Justin Lin will try to make us live intense sensations at the wheel of more crazy bolides than ever. With Diesel wine In the role of Dominic Torretto, Charlize Theron in the Cipher and Roles still unknown for Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman) Fast X returns in force to put us full view, from May 2023 in our cinemas.

big ambitions

It is through the Instagram account of Diesel wine that we learned the start of filming of Fast X. The actor who embodies the famous Dominic Torretto driver has decided to regularly post content on his page to keep the Fast & Furious Project Fans 10. After a photo with Brie Larson two weeks ago, wine offers us a short video alongside director Justin Lin (see above). The man responsible for multiple components of the saga confides to the actor on his feelings and confirms the start of filming for Fast X. ” Justin Linnounces only good for this project. FAST X is the beginning of an epic end and confirms that Fast X is the most ambitious episode of the license.

  • See the video of Fast X on Instragam


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