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Taeyeon, Monica, Kaday, and Yang Ik -jun are selected as the Cheonae Myeongwoldo M promotional model

[mobile games’ Moon Young -soo reporter] Level Infinite announced on the 20th that it has selected four people including Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, Monica, Kaday, and Yang Ik -jun as a promotional model for mobile games’ Cheon Ae Myung -do M ‘.

Girls’ Generation’s members Taeyeon, Dance Crew Prudsman’s Monica & Ceday, and Film Director Yang Ik -jun, who were selected as a promotional model, will continue their activities, starting with Myeongmyeongwol Myeongwol.

In particular, Taeyeon is the motif of the bright moon of ‘Myeongwol’, Monica and K -Day are the blades of ‘Do’, and the scenes of the game of the game, and Yang Ik -jun, the beautiful scenery of ‘Cheon -ae’ It plans to spread the advantages.

Earlier, the level Infinite was curious by holding an event to meet only four promotional models in the official lounge from 16 to 20. A total of 11 Google Gift Cards will be paid to users who participated in the silhouette matching event.

Meanwhile, Cheonae Myeongwoldo M is a martial arts MMORPG developed by Aurora Studio under Tencent. It was first released in the Chinese market in October 2020, reaching the No. 1 Apple App Store sales and maintaining the top five for two months.

Cooling system NVIDIA RTX 4090 in the photo

Photos of the NVIDIA graphic cards are leaked into the network, which, apparently, is the RTX 4090 Ti performed by Founders Edition. These photos were published on the Chiphell forum.

XeSS NOT launching Friday | RTX 4090 Ti Cooler Pics | What is AMD
Insiders report that before the release of RTX 40 video cards, there are very few left, because it is planned in mid -July of this year. The cooling system in the photo, in theory, should be able to cool the 600-watt video card (this is exactly the TDP promise RTX 4090 Ti), which also hints at its very solid size.

If the photo is really demonstrated by RTX 4090 Ti, then this will mean that NVIDIA in this generation will again use the system with fans on different sides of the radiator, and the appearance itself will not receive any very noticeable changes.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.3.1 update corrects the Zen bridge bug

Nintendo has published update 1.3.1 for animal Crossing New Horizons, which corrects several bugs recently encountered by players. According to the version notes, the update corrects the Zen bridge bug, which prevented players from using a Zen bridge or a red Zen bridge placed at the top of a cliff (third level).

In addition, a problem where a diving combination would not be available for sale in Nook’s Cranny has been corrected. More correction includes a bug where the hermit crabs appear in places other than the beach, and where the dialogue bubble would appear incorrectly after talking with the inhabitants of the island.

All these problems were solved after the first summer update, which introduces the ability to swim and more. Thanks to the update, players can get a swimsuit and meet new sea creatures designed by Nintendo as part of the new seasonal content.

This is only the last of a long list of additional content published for animal Crossing New Horizons.

Some Players Can't Cross Their Bridges in Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.3.0

The game has been welcomed by the players and cheers of the players since its original release of March 20, 2020. Sales were well ahead of Nintendo’s expectations since it managed more than 13 million copies in just six weeks.

A full match (and commented) by Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

As we know, Nintendo does not intend to let switch players blow more than a few weeks this year. Barely Nintendo Switch Sports released than the next production of the manufacturer is already looming. These are Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, the next title developed by Next Level Games.

Nintendo offers here a meeting between the mushroom kingdom and the castle of Bowser, a real classico if there is one, with a small icing on the cake: the exceptional participation of Xavier Domergue of M6. Obviously, it will not be necessary to count on the presence of the sports commentator in the game, but the players will be able to set the mood themselves by gathering up to eight in front of the television, in local or online multiplayer. Players will even be able to create a club, personalize it and measure themselves to other clubs around the world to get the best place every weekly season. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will be available on June 10, 2022 on Switch.


Mario Strikers: Battle League – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – Kick -off of the Mario vs Bowser match!

Xbox Game Studios: Phil Spencer: We are working on delivering quality and consistency

Yesterday the sad news was published that Starfield and Redfall had to be postponed to the early 2023.

Both developer studios need more time to ensure a better gaming experience, it was said by those responsible.

Afterwards, many Xbox fans let their disappointment run free and complained about the lack of games in 2022. The line-up has been really very poor so far and the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase in less than four weeks should probably take the “delay- Carrow “pull out of the dirt. If not, the year 2022 will really be a “sparse year”, after Microsoft was only recognized as the publisher of 2021.

Phil Spencer RESPONDS To Xbox Controversy - Starfield Delay, Xbox 2023 Breakdown, & MORE!

Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that the fans rightly long for more first party games. However, he once again emphasized how important it was to give the studios the time they ultimately need for the development of high -quality products.

Furthermore, Phil said: “These decisions are hard for the teams that develop the games and for our fans. I completely support it to give the teams time to publish these great games when they are done, but we hear the feedback. We are expected to deliver quality and consistency. We will continue to work to better meet these expectations. “

So while in 2022 so far it looks extremely weak, the year 2023 seems to be packed with large titles.

Big Smile Day is the MSI notebook truth! Discounts up to 300,000 won

MSI Korea Co., Ltd. (CEO Public Book) announced that it will carry out special promotions for MSI’s popular notebook for the Big Smile Day held in G Market. This event is held for MSI popular laptops from May 16 (Mon) to May 27 (Fri). It offers coupons, 5% card discounts, 10% Intel/AMD duplicate coupons.

‘Sword GF76 A1UE’, an event product, can be selected from two colors: black and white. The Intel i7-11800H processor, a high-performance graphics card of the GeForce RTX 3060, and a 144Hz high-stock rate IPS type panel are equipped with a pleasant environment in the usage environment such as game, streaming, and video editing.

At HIGH SCHOOL | Diana plays with Smile's feelings! What has changed at Cheerleading school?

‘Modern 15 A11m’ is a business notebook with a thin and light portable 15.6 -inch. It is a product with an excellent portability with a battery that can be used for up to 8 hours and an ultra scene bezel. It is equipped with the Intel Core i5-1155G7 processor to show high productivity in Windows-based office environment.

Meanwhile, according to the purchase product, there will be a rich free gift and steam code given product evaluation event. An official of MSI Korea said, “We will participate in the Big Smile Day event to provide special benefits to consumers.”

[Lee Dong -sung] The name FIFA is originally mine!

If you have blood to gamers, of course it means soccer game. Originally, it is an abbreviation for the International Football Federation, but the game with the official license is even more recognized. In particular, if the number is attached behind the FIFA, this is 100% game. FIFA 22, FIFA 4.

But from next year, we can’t meet the FIFA series. This is because the naming license agreement between the EA and the FIFA of the International Football Federation over decades will be finalized, and EA decided to change the name of FIFA 23, which will be released this fall, to EA Sports FC. The FIFA also said they would launch an official license game based on the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

If you look at the situation, FIFA has taken the name ‘FIFA’, which was originally its own. But strangely feels like EA has been stolen. It is the name of the name Baekbaek EA that raised the ‘FIFA Game’ to this place and made the name of the naming ‘FIFA’ in the game industry. Well, the know -how and the fan base that have been built for decades for decades are not gone, and most of the licenses that have continued separately are fine, so it is unlikely that it will be a big obstacle to the future of the current FIFA series and the future of the EA Sports FC series.

TOTS Cup | Day 2 | FIFA 22 Global Series

In fact, I think it’s FIFA. It wasn’t clearly released, but it would be a huge way to see the royalty or advertising effects that I received the name ‘FIFA’. Although he said he would release the game in line with the Qatar World Cup, he expressed his ambitious ambitions, but soccer games are not easy to make. If you think about how much trial and error you have had to have a foam now, anyone develops a new football game in front of the new football game.

Anyway, EA’s FIFA series will be EA Sports FC in the future. As a result, FIFA Online 4, which is in Korea, will change to ‘EA Sports FC Online 4’. I think the full name is too long, I wonder what the weak will be. EA Online? EA FC Online? ESF Online? Or is the first letter of EA Sports? The last one seems to be protesting from Falcom.

One week of the user comments cited in [Egu Dongseong] will be drawn each week (game mecca account) to send a game novel (ripper book) of Zeu Media. The selected user will inform you of the address and contact information by the winning guide email sent by the e -mail described in the member information.

There is no excellent comment this week

Hoyoverse sketch zenless zero zero and recruits testers

Zenless Zone Zero Welcome to New Eridu Trailer
For a few days now, Hoyoverse (formerly Mihoyo) promised to unveil his next project on an official website giving up a countdown. The deadline is sold and we therefore discover Zenless Zone Zero through a first trailer and an official site-still relatively little supplied.

We nevertheless remember that Zenless Zone Zero intends to immerse players in a futuristic world with post-apocalyptic looks: the game takes place in New Eridu, the last megalopolis of humanity, punctually threatened by the emergence of “vacuum zones”. In the skin of charismatic heroes with powers, you will have to start in its alternating reality areas housing both labyrinths and waves of monsters that will have to be repelled. The missions promise intense phases of action, but also scenarios to learn more about the origins of the threat.

While waiting to discover more about the game, its frame and its mechanics, Hoyoverse opens the inscriptions to the first Zero Zero Zero Zero test phases – which will be available on PC and iOS mobile platforms. The date of the tests will be communicated later but we already remember that the testers will not be subject to strict confidentiality clauses (NDA), allowing them to share their feelings on the game. Registrations are available on the site official.


First trailer of Zenless Zero Zone

LOL: One of the most important players in history will compete again through an ERL

When we talk about historical names in the competitive circuit of League of Legends, Asian stars always come to mind such as Faker (which is currently disputing the MSI 2022 with a huge quality) or uzi ; although it is true that there are also great names in the West such as Rekkles or Sneaky . Many of them are already retired, while others are in the limbo of not having teams with which they can play. Well, One of those historical players returns to the competitive in a totally unexpected way and eager to be the best in a very competitive league such as NLC .

T1 vs SGB - Day 1 LoL MSI 2022 Group Stage | T1 vs Saigon Buffalo full game
It has been Wooloo , one of the most famous leakers today in the western panorama, the person in charge of informing an unexpected movement by all. The Russian jungle Danil “ Diamondprox ” Reschetnikov will play the summer season in the ranks of Bifrost , a NLC team, with the intention of giving a good role in a large tournament like the EU Masters. Known mainly for his passage in Moscow Five , the Russian jungle and his team raised trophies in a regular basis in the earliest phases of competitive Lol.

The jungla is considered as a u of the most important players of the competition , since it formalized a role that was initially quite abstract and made a chair of how to play the jungle effectively, becoming the best of the best of the World in his position in the first seasons of League of Legends and being a fundamental pillar in the operation of the game currently about winning lines and map control.

Moscow Five finished among the first four of the World League of Legends championship of season 2 and, after just over a year, was disabilities for various scandals. It is currently without a team after the cancellation of the LCL by Riot Games after the invasion of Russia in Ukrainian territory and longed to compete again at the highest level. Diamondprox will replace Jungla Casper “Cboi” Bo Simonsen inside the Bifrost list for this summer and hopes to play a great game after being several years in Russian territory.

RB Leipzig | Tedesco defiantly before the cup final: now we are happy first

The cup final was still far away for Domenico Tedesco. For good reason, the RB Leipzig coach did not want to know anything about Berlin after just creating Champions League qualification. Because his team does not work at the moment.

“We still have a few more days,” said Tedesco after the happy 1-1 (0-0) at relegated Arminia Bielefeld, who secured Saxony fourth place and thus the renewed qualification for the European premier class with its money pots.

Almost defiantly, Tedesco just wanted to talk about it and not already about the DFB Cup final against SC Freiburg next Saturday. “Now we have reached the Champions League first,” said the 36-year-old with a serious expression. “Now we are happy – everything is fine. It’s great, great.”

RB coach tense on the sidelines

Tedesco was scolding and wild during the game with the limited but game -determining and, above all, passionately acting Arminen, kept running along the sidelines and sometimes even on the field.

Even after the game and the lucky balance by Willi Orban’s header in the third minute of stoppage time, his cry and the grim facial expression did not match the “pure joy”, which he supposedly wanted to express. As always, Tedesco gathered his highly paid staff on the lawn of the Bielefeld Alm.

Emil Forsberg did not want to reveal what was said there. “This is afraid now,” said the Swede. In contrast to Tedesco, Forsberg triggered the view of the final in Berlin joy and a permanent grin. “This is just a game that is about everything. The cup final is something very special. We will cut everything in,” he promised.

RB should do that too, because in the end exactly this did not appear. Fourth place somehow seemed to have been secured in the last rim. At the end of the season, the shape curve of the brown team showed significantly down.

performance increase is needed

Of the past six competitive games, RB lost three, was eliminated against the Biederen Glasgow Rangers in the Europa League semi-final and only escaped another bankruptcy on Saturday.

Tedesco Leipzig had taken over to eleventh from Jesse Marsch at the end of 2021 and brought it on course. Despite the performance dent in May, RB is the best round round team in the league.

“We can be proud. The first six months were not easy. After the winter break, we did it very well. We then put our potential and quality on the pitch,” said Forsberg. However, the words did not match the performance on Saturday. Tedesco may have been acidified. Champions League qualification or not: a performance increase is needed by Saturday.

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