The first 6th birthday of the first overwatch game is less than one month away. More important than birthdays is the launch of the sequel to the beet, which has made people rush to Twitch and get tastes from the upcoming sequel.

IT'S FINALLY HERE! - Playing Overwatch 2 For The First Time!
The codes distributed to streamers have been one of the major reasons to arrive at the Twitch streaming service when the beta of the upcoming overwatch 2 has been reached in large numbers. It is possible to obtain test codes by watching the broadcasts of streamers. However, they can only be used by owning the first _overwatch. So far, beta testing is only possible with PC.

According to Blizzard behind the newcomer, Beta has at best had as many as 1.5 million simultaneous viewers on Twitch. This even exceeds the predecessor’s top readings.

Nothing has been flushed about the time of publication, but according to Beta and the number of viewers, people’s expectations are high. After a lot of beta moments from the upcoming title, one can already say that the reforms are quite successful. The game’s functional frame still exists and the wheel has not been reinvented.