Joy City (CEO Cho Sung -won) announced on the 2nd that it has been updating the level expansion in the mobile simulation game ‘Daejeon Daejeon: Ocean & Empire’.

The maximum level of the citadel and the monster has expanded. The citadel has been changed to grow to level 43, and three new soldiers and ships have been added accordingly. In addition, the 8th -level monster was introduced, and the items that could be obtained when killing were raised.

Various events will be held to commemorate the update. First of all, even if you connect until 18th after the update, it will provide a legendary hero box that can acquire all 62 heroes in ‘Daejeon Daejeon: Ocean & Empire’.

In addition, the event item ‘cold ice’ will be given when the task is performed until 14:00 on May 4th. ‘Cold ice’ can be used with a variety of growth goods and a certain chance of getting ‘Strawberry Bingsu’, and additional ‘sweet and sour strawberry’ can be obtained according to the amount of strawberry shaved ice. Combining 10 “Sweet and Sweet Strawberry” is a paid package.

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More information about ‘Daejeon Daejeon: Ocean & Empire’ can be found in the official community.