Sniper Elite 5 expands the capabilities of a multi -user game, including matches with the participation of up to 16 players. They also add new modes, such as the matches of the detachment, to provide more command matches. The crossplay is expected in games that have gone so far in multiplayer mode, and Sniper Elite 5 is no exception.

Will Sniper Elite 5 support the cross -platform game?

Between all systems supporting Sniper Elite 5, there will be cross -flesh. No matter what system they use, players can play with their friends.

The developers of the Sniper Elite 5 did not want any restrictions on the multiplayer game, as indicated in the diary of developers about the multiplayer game. However, this function is noted as optional, therefore, most likely, there is a way to turn off the cross game. This is good, because many players prefer not to play with other players using other input methods.

Sniper Elite 5: The First Preview
Many conflicts usually arise between players with a keyboard and a mouse and a controller. Having disconnected the crossplayer, in the Sniper Elite 5 there will not be many angry players who argue about the justice of the cross -fiber. In the game, where accuracy is important, the question of how accurate one entrance is compared to another can become the subject of large disputes.

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